5 Sex Positions Perfect for Flaunting That Body

5 Sex Positions Perfect for Flaunting That Body

Because every inch of you deserves to be worshipped.


Knowing that your partner finds you so absurdly hot that they can’t look away can be a huge turn-on. So why not make your body, which is goddamn perfect, even more the star of the show? Here’s how to flaunt what you’ve got going on. Because damn, you are FINE.

1 The Booty Call

imageKind of like reverse cowgirl, but if you fell forward and then caught yourself by grabbing onto their thighs. Your partner sits up straight, soaking in the sight before them. The curve of your hips. That cute divot in the small of your back. But mostly, that glorious ass of yours, which is right there if a spanking is in order.

2 The Lingerie Slay

imageTo accentuate your curves even more, harness the magic of a corset or even some waist-cinching shapewear. Pair it with a bra that makes you feel insanely hot or let your boobs spill out of the top. Sit your partner in an armless chair, get on top and rub yourself with your hands, using your hips for slow thrusts and grinds. Don’t even let them touch you for a few minutes, just because.

3 The Bird’s Eye Boo

imageGet into doggie, then sit back so your butt is on their thighs. They hang onto your shoulders and pull you closer for deep, powerful thrusts. They get a flawless aerial view of you, while you get to lie back and enjoy the ride.

4 The Boob Tube

imageIf you’re into your boobs, grease ’em up with lube, kneel before them and push them together around their penis. Switch between using your boobs, hands, and mouth as you see fit, and, if you’re really down to multitask, clench a vibrator between your legs (it’s worth it, trust).

5 Rawr Power

imageWanna show off your legs? Give your partner something to behold when they go down on you by sprawling out with your hips at the edge of the bed. Bend one leg up toward your belly and throw the other over their shoulder so they can nestle their cheek in your thigh. They can pull you where they want you or give you a little bite, as long as they appreciate the perfection that’s in front of them.

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